Happy Birthday, YMI!

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This Fall we plan to celebrate YMI’s 10 year anniversary. It is an exciting milestone in any organization. So, let the party begin!!! We aren’t looking for birthday gifts. Really. We want to invite you to the party to thank you for ensuring the success of the Youth Ministry Institute over the past decade. Many will receive an invitation of some sort to the birthday party hosted by YMI board members. It will be a social event with a short 5 minute thank you and update. The rest of the event will be designed for you to talk with board members, YMI alumni and one another. Of course, there will be cake eating, too. The YMI board of directors is still discussing how big our parties will be and who will host them. Be sure that it will be large enough to be a party, but small enough so that you can have a complete conversation with someone connected to the Youth Ministry Institute. When you receive your invitation, please plan to celebrate with us!!!


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