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Five months ago, I was at a loss. Literally. Our pre-hiring work (now called “job placement”) was projected to involve 10 client churches, a modest growth projection over the seven churches we worked with in 2014. It was March 15 and we didn’t have one client for 2015. Our loss would be significant if we didn’t come up with some solutions. So, we ended up terminating our relationship with long-time partner, Ministry Architects. We began to rub some nickles together in hopes of producing more income. We would still need seven clients to meet our expenses.

We signed one job placement client at the end of March, two in April, and none in May. I reported at our May board meeting, we would need two more churches to hire us to make it through the summer. In June we added two more. July brought one more church. Another church would cause us to meet our revised annual goal. Two churches hired us in August. Whew. Out of the woods and into the clearing!

We were up to eight. More importantly, three of the last four churches came to us from out other states – New Mexico, Alabama and Nebraska. All of the sudden, a dreadful year turned into our best year.

The next hurdle is before us. It appears there aren’t as many applicants searching for youth ministry jobs this year. A diluted market could have ill effects on churches who are hiring. As we attempt various marketing and recruiting strategies, know that our goal is to help the local church and those already searching for a job.

We don’t intend to lure someone from another church thereby creating a problem for that church. This became clear to me in May when I was offered a “head hunting” opportunity. I realized quickly that this didn’t jive with the values at the Youth Ministry Institute.

Therefore, I am hopeful there are plenty of willing applicants waiting for us to find them for the jobs we are listing. As I state on my posts for jobs on Facebook, “Please Share!”


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